Columbia Clash in April and Columbia Crown in July

PLAY OUTDOOR VOLLEYBALL: Outdoors you get lots of playing time and no sitting on the bench. You pick your own teammates and play in the sun. With every outdoor match, you improve your indoor game- becoming faster, smarter and a better teammate.

Junior's have a new opportunity to play more outdoor volleyball! Sign up now for a great new experience with the Junior's Palmetto Region Outdoor Tour. Click here and click on the OUTDOOR tab for more information.

What is Junior Volleyball? USA Junior Olympic (JO) Volleyball or Club Volleyball offers athletes the opportunity to participate within various clubs after their school volleyball season. Club Volleyball is an avenue for girls 10 (or even younger) to 18 to play in competitive tournaments and get advanced training. The number of girls playing club has tripled in the last four years in the Palmetto Region (South Carolina, plus Savannah, Athens, and Augusta, GA). In 1999, there were over 75,000 girls that played club ball in the United States. Most JO Club seasons run from November or December until April. A few clubs continue training with their top teams until the National Championships, held in June. Club volleyball provides additional training, knowledge, and tournament play. The various club vary from club to club, but generally players will be placed on a team based on their age and skill level. Clubs provide training and tournament play. Most tournaments offer 7 age group divisions (18's, 17's, 16's, 15's, 14's; 13's & 12's). This allows girls to compete against each other in their same age group. Younger players may play up in an older age group, but players are not allowed to play in a younger age group. Each player has a different experience as a club member. Naturally, some players are more successful than are others. Players who put more effort into the program get more out of it.


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