• John Taff
  • The courts will not be the same without you.

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  • 2015 Clash Registration Open

    Register today and do not forget about the pre-tournament player party. Click for more information ›

  • 4v4 Grass Tournament

    Wake Forest University Click for more information ›

  • Crown Tournament Over

    We had a great turn out and great play. Thanks for everyone that attended.

  • Crown Registration Opened

    The Crown registration is now opened. Register today ›

  • Media

    New Media tab put on website. See our Photos and Videos

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  • Clash 2014

    The Clash registration is now open.

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  • New Website

    The new Columbia Volleyball Club's updated website went online.

  • Frienemies 2.0

    The second tournament of the year will be held on September 1st in Charlotte, NC. We have divisions BB/A/AA. This tournament has been a huge success. And, this time we are moving to a new field - Jack D. Hughes Memorial Park in Pineville NC (near Charlotte NC). We expect to have a large turn out again mixed with players from North and South Carolina. Sign up soon because we had a waiting list last year! To get more information, click the Learn More link below

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  • 2013 South Carolina Volleyball Season Tickets On Sale NOW!

    Only $25 for Adults and only $10 for Youth!, for more information or to order your season tickets, click the Learn More link below.

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  • Remembering John Taff

    Guys....please take some time to pray for John and for his family. I always looked forward to seeing him and playing with him on Thursdays at LBC....His presence will be missed so much out there...John made volleyball fun for me and I have been privileged to have known him and shake his hand...

    — Calie
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  • Looking for a female partner to play in Coed B or BB

    I am looking for a female partner to play in tomorrow's coed B or BB division. I am new to the area from Northern VA. I play, coach, and officiate volleyball. If you are interested, send me a message at sunykim@alum.mit.edu. Thanks, Peter

    — Peter
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  • Looking for 2 12 year olds to complete a team for Saturday 7/26

    — Dee
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  • looking for the Crown Saturday A/BB

    Im a single player looking for a team for the Crown.

    — Allen Caldwell
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  • Looking for team for Saturday A/BB

    I am looking for a team to play on Saturday. A or BB :)

    — Heidi Platow
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  • Looking for BB or A girl for sunday

    Looking for BB or A girl for sunday, Childers_lee@yahoo.com

    — Robert Lee Chidlers
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  • Need a Womens Team for Saturday

    Looking to play A or BB. kaylathomas3996@gmail.com

    — Kayla
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  • "A" woman for the Crown

    Need a Woman for the Crown, Saturday "A" level. email me at lynn.hall@live.com

    — Lynn
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  • 27 Year old men who wants to play

    Hi! I have just come to the US from Spain. I am looking for a place to play voleyball, know people and have good time. I do not have very high level but I really like this sport. So if someone need a player I am available. Email: marioherrerodelbarrio@hotmail.com ; Cell phone: 803-409-8511. Thanks

    — Mario Herrero
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  • Need a girl for Sat - A or BB

    My team just lost our third and we need a girl to play on Sat. Looking for an A or strong BB player. Please get in touch ASAP if you need a team! :-) Missjennieberger (at) gmail (dot) com

    — Jennie
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  • New in town

    New to columbia and have been competitive in BB and A for last 8 years, in indoor and outdoor. Looking to find a team. Any help would be great. Email griseltye.gmail.com or txt 803-477-5596

    — Tye
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  • Walk-up Saturday

    Any problem getting in MBB on Saturday?

    — George
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  • Sunday A league Female

    Looking for a female to play with on Sunday, A text me at 9106221353

    — kyle kinder
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  • Beaufort Water Festival Volleyball Tournament

    Outdoor tournament scheduled for June 14, 2014. For more info, please go to www.bftwaterfestival.com.

    — Chris
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  • Clash Coed Partner Needed

    Looking for a male B partner for coed on Sunday. Email: kacton@sc.rr.com or text 803-530-2390

    — Krystal A
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  • hi

    is there supposed to be three names on there

    — eric
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  • Clash Saturday women's triples bb player

    Hello, I need a team for Saturday. I play bb. I'm short so I don't bring much as far as hitting or blocking but could set.

    — Kim Haught
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  • Mens Triples BB - Need one more

    Looking for only one more to join a Mens Triples BB (or B) team for Saturday. Let me know at william.carinci@gmail.com or 315-264-9074

    — Bill Carinci
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  • Clash triples

    I'm looking for a triples team for Saturday. I normally play A. Email is dudleyh@surry.k12.nc.us cell is 336-528-3296

    — Hannah Dudley
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  • Co-Ed BB Partner Needed

    Looking for a female BB partner for Sunday. Email cthatcher1944@gmail.com

    — Chad
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  • Mens BB Triples

    Looking for a couple guys to form a BB Mens Triples team for Saturday. Email me at william.carinci@gmail.com

    — Bill C
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  • Pick-up

    What is the level of play for y'all's outdoor pickup? Been off the courts for a few years but interested in coming back!

    — Laura
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  • Co-Ed B

    Looking for a co-ed B male partner for the Sunday Clash. Email me at kkbear91@yahoo.com

    — Kayla C
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  • Female Co Ed partner A/AA for clash

    Im looking for a female Co ed partner for the clash. Strong A/AA here and hoping for same. Can block, hit, jump serve, email me at mnmeyer1911@gmail.com

    — Matt M.
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  • Clash Saturday

    Looking for a team for the triples portion of the Clash. Can set or hit in A. kcave87@gmail.com

    — Kelly Cave
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  • Clash Coed Partner

    Send me a msg if interested. mab1321@gmail.com

    — Michael
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  • Clash co-ed female partner

    I'm looking for a partner for the co-ed tournament. Looking to play A/AA. Send me an email @ dougstauden@gmail.com

    — Doug
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  • high school assistant coaches needed

    send inquiries to hammondvolleyball@gmail.com

    — beezy
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  • No more North Springs??

    I see that it's not on the calendar for Tuesdays eff. Feb. 18! What happened?

    — PatBB
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  • Pickup!?

    Looking for any Columbia pickup games - indoor or outdoor!

    — Laura
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  • Holiday Pick-Up?!

    Your calendar says that there will be normal Tue. VB on Christmas

    — PatBB
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  • Looking for Player

    Need 1 Men's BB player for the Crown

    — Shawn Acton
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